Breast Enlargement: Breast Actives VS Brestrogen

There are so many different breast enlargement products on the market these days, it can be tough trying to figure out which one will really work and which are just a waste of your time and money. This review of natural breast enlargement products will take a hard look at two popular brands to determine which one is your best bet for noticeably larger and firmer breasts with as little time and trouble as possible.

Breast Actives and Brestrogen are both well-known breast enlargement brands that have gained attention in recent years. Now it’s time for a final showdown between this pair of powerhouse products to see who actually delivers the best results in the fastest time.

What is Natural Breast Enlargement?

Natural breast enlargement is a safe and cost-effective alternative to plastic surgery, which can create huge problems for women down the road. Surgical implants have been linked to increased risk of certain types of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, particularly those that are made of silicone gel. While some doctors claim that saline breast implants are a safer way to enhance your chest, there are still issues with breast implants that can’t be resolved with just a change in the materials.

Anytime that a patient goes under sedation and they are operated on, they are automatically at risk of complications both during and after their procedure. On top of that, there are recent studies which indicate that women who have received breast implants may be more inclined toward suicide, a very grave cause for concern indeed. With breast enlargement creams and supplements like what you’ll find in this review, women can avoid the dangers of going under the knife and still enjoy all of the benefit aspects that come from having breast implants.

breast enlargementWhat is Breast Actives?

Breast Actives is a comprehensive breast enlargement strategy that is designed to work in a number of different ways. When you purchase Breast Actives, the best thing to do is to pick the package that offers a 3-month supply.

Not only is it by far and away the best deal for the money, you’ll also be able to use the products every day for those three months without having to worry about reordering before you run out. Your results will really start to show at around the 3 to 4-month mark, so you can base your decision on whether or not to continue with it after you’ve had a chance to use it for awhile as well.

You’ll receive a supply of pills, cream and an exercise program that has been created with an eye toward increasing your bust line and lifting your breasts up even more. It’s a good idea to start on the workout program immediately, since using it with the other products is what will give you the absolute best results in the end. Every morning, take one pill with a full glass of water either before or after breakfast. These pills contain a potent combination of all-natural ingredients to help boost your breasts and your confidence.

Vitamin E, dong quai root and fennel and fenugreek seed are just a few of the things that you’ll find in the Breast Actives supplement, all of which have been shown to have an impact on the breast tissue. Once you’ve taken the pill, it’s time to rub a small amount of the cream into your breasts, so that change is being created both from the inside out and the outside in. The Breast Active cream is made up red clover extract, aloe vera concentrate and the extract of pueraria mirifica, a widely-used plant additive in Asian medicine.

breast enlargementWhat is Brestrogen?

Brestogen is a puraria mirifica cream that is meant to be rubbed into the breasts once in the morning and once before bed. While the addition of this extract is a good sign, the fact that it’s about all that you get when you order Brestogen is a little underwhelming. Without the help of a supplemental pill and the breast enhancement workout plan that you receive from Breast Actives, it’s hard to imagine that you could possibly get the same kind of results.

Another troublesome thing about Brestrogen is that it can take 5 to 6 months for users of the cream to see results, as compared to the 3 or 4 months with Breast Actives. That’s quite a big difference and certainly makes it seem as though the more comprehensive breast enlargement program is much more effective than just using a cream alone. Finally, the biggest problem with Brestrogen is in the cost. If you check the price of both brands, you’ll find that you’re paying almost 4x the amount of a 3-month supply of Breast Actives for a single tube of Brestrogen. That’s a lot of money to spend on a breast enhancement cream, especially when you consider that you’ll need to use it for an extra month or two in order to see the results that you want.

The Final Call

Although the same ingredient appears in both of these breast enlargement creams is the same, there’s really no question that Breast Actives offers the better deal out of the two brands. When you’re using Breast Actives, once you’ve taken your morning pill and massaged in your cream one time, all you need to do is take a few minutes to complete the workout regimen and you’re all done for the rest of the day.

With Brestrogen, you’ll need to remember to apply your cream again in the evening for it to be effective, a hassle that many women won’t want to keep up with over time. From this matter of convenience to the inclusion of dietary supplements and an exercise routine to help you truly maximize your outcome, you won’t find a better natural breast enlargement product on the market. Even better, when you consider the length of time that it takes to work and the price of these breast enlargement products, Breast Actives comes out the winner in every single way.

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